Kingdoms CCG Policy Update

With all of the changes to Kingdoms CCG over the past few months and the influx of new players, we felt it was time to update and clarify our policies on a few issues.

The Use of Alts

As preventing players from creating secondary (or more) accounts, known as "Alts," is not possible, we feel that it is important to clarify exactly how an Alt can and can't be used.

You may use an Alt to:

1) Try the campaign again.
2) Test deck designs against yourself, in the Skirmish room only, without using the AI.
3) Play the Alt completely independently from your other accounts. If you have the time and patience to run two main accounts, you are welcome to do so.

You may NOT use an Alt to:

1) Manipulate your standings in any area of the game in any way. This includes:

  • Using an Alt alongside any other account you own in the same tournament
  • Using an Alt to boost your rating in any Arena
  • Playing Alts in different Guilds to boost your main Guild's standing
If you have been found to have used an Alt for any of these purposes, your main account can and will be banned. This ban will last until Ganz deems that an appropriate amount of time has passed. Any prizes won through your use of the Alt can and will be removed from your account.

Fundamentally, using Alts in this way is cheating, and cheating in any form will not be tolerated in Kingdoms CCG.


Like many online games, chat in Kingdoms is both a blessing and a curse. At its best you have players having thoughtful discussions of cards, tactics and deck types or even non-game topics like movies and TV. At its worst it is vile, offensive and frustrating.

We at Ganz believe strongly that chat should be an open and free as possible, but without abuse and trolling.

Long time moderator Grrwaaa has posted an excellent run down of what to avoid in chat so that you are not muted. We strongly recommend that every player read these guidelines.

Note that if you are muted, most mutes are just for an hour or two to give you time to cool off. Longer mutes (12/24 hrs.) are reserved for the worst abuse and repeat offenders. Any longer mute can only be carried out by Ganz.

If you are muted please do not use Alts to continue the conversation that you were muted for. If you do, your main account may be banned outright.

Duplicate Legendaries

Finally, on a happier note, we get to the problem that no one minds having - opening a duplicate Legendary in a pack.

Any Legendary opened in a pack that you have more than one of can be exchanged for ANY non-promo Epic card from ANY set (including Tribes Two). Want to trade a 2nd Pyre for a Raise the Guard? No problem. Just contact customer support at kingdomsccgsupport@ganz.com.

The only rules are such:

1) You must have opened the duplicate in a pack of cards. Cards purchased in singles, with honor, or are promos are specific excluded from this offer.
2) Packs can be purchased with Gold or Gems, or won through a tournament or in the arena. Open a duplicate, name your Epic.
3) Your request must come within one month of opening the duplicate. This is because we will confirm that the Legendary was opened in a pack, and we want to limit the amount of data we have to sort through. Letting us know when you opened the Legendary will definitely help.

It is out goal to make a fair and enjoyable environment for all of our players and we have made these policies to ensure that the game fulfils this goal.

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