Release Update

Whenever we do a release, we watch our official forums for the reaction from our players and to see if we missed any bugs.

In this release it was two changes that we didn't make that appear to have caused the most problems and we would like to respond to both:

1) Ticket Tournaments are not awarding Light Ascending packs

This was an oversight in development. Tournaments are supposed to automatically award the most recent set, but this didn't happen in this case. We believe that we've found the issue and will be addressing this next week. Light Ascending packs will be awarded for Tournaments.

2) Tribes was not made available for Gold purchase

When releasing Light Ascending, we decided not to move Tribes to Gold. Our intention was to move it with the release of the next 55-card set, which "completes" Light Ascending. We have heard your complaints about this decision. For many of you who have been with us through the entire transition, the wait has been long enough. We will be making a final decision as to the pricing of Tribes on Monday, and will aim to get the change into the same update as the Tournament prizing change.

In addition to these two issues, we've discovered that some problematic bugs were missed in testing:

1) The AI is setting creatures to Defend en masse

When one creature on the AI's side is set to defend, the other creatures are also set to defend. This bug appears to be a result of our fixes to the way that the AI handles Immolate and the new Rune Word "Bleed". This is a very important bug for us to fix and we will be working over the weekend to get it resolved.

2) Inverted Hourglass is causing Out-of-Sync Issues in PVP

This is a PVP issue only, and appears to only negatively affect the player who actually plays the Inverted Hourglass. It is strongly recommended that you do not play this card in any constructed tournament until the issue is resolved. The card appears to work fine against the AI and therefore can be used in Guild Wars.

3) Realm Crusher is interacting with Indestructible incorrectly

The creatures don't die, but Realm Crusher gains stats like they do. This is simply a logic error that shouldn't be difficult to resolve. 

We'd like to thank all of our players who gave their opinion - positive or negative - to the new set and changes, and everyone who helped us with detailing the above bugs. We'll keep you posted with updates as these issues are resolved.

- The Kingdoms CCG Team.

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