A Legend Arrives

At last the Light Ascends!

Leading the charge is Elara, Angel of War - the first 7 mana Legendary creature in the game!

Elara is just the 10th 7+ mana card released, and joins such powerful, format-defining cards as Skybreaker Giant, Realm Crusher and Epic Battle Axe.

So what does a 7-mana Legend look like? Here you are:

Even without her card text, she's a 4/4 flyer who stays alive with ALL of Holy's ability suite: Regenerate, Armor and Puresoul. Polymorph your way out of a sticky situation? Sorry, Elara will have none of that.

So let's look at her card text:

On enter: Your Hero gains 5 HP. - Simple, yet powerful. Undo some of the damage done to you so far, so that Elara has time to win the battle.

This creature cannot lose Health directly... - Undead spells often cause Health loss directly, and these spells and effects will do nothing to Elara. Take that 

... and cannot be destroyed. - Skybreaker of the skies! Elara ignores Smother and Echo Blast as well.

So exactly how do you kill Elara? Two Disintegrates will do it, if played on the same turn, but one of the best options is actually Enigma of the Unknown. His four points of Volatile will kill an unbuffed Elara is one blow, and get you two mana and some charges back in the process!

Watch for Elara to rule the skies! Light Ascending is available now!

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