New Campaign Preview!

We've been hinting at some big changes coming for some time now... that's right - we're revamping the whole campaign system to bring you guys a much more enjoyable and replayable experience! It's currently in development and we're not entirely sure on expected release date at this point, but nonetheless, here's what we got cookin'!

Explore the World

There will no longer be a chapter system, instead there will be the entire world map of Euna that players will work their way through fighting new monsters, unlocking new cards, competing in challenges and more. The world map will be connected with a Node system, just like now, however there will be a few new types of nodes, including:
  • Battle Nodes - Pretty much like now. Basic battle nodes against regular mobs.
  • Boss Nodes - These will be special battle nodes that have a tougher mob and will usually yield a bigger reward
  • Challenge Nodes - These will be special battles that impose a condition or rule set but yield a specific cool reward. Example: Use Amorya with beginner arena rules to break through the opponent's defenses within X turns. Some of these nodes can only be attempted once within a specific time frame
  • Minigame Nodes - These nodes will have the biggest variety of interaction on them. They can include things like: wells that drop energy/essence/stones every X hours, spending energy to search for cards/items, merchants offering special items for sale, choosing a chest for a prize and more
  • Gate Nodes - These will be locked nodes that require a key item to advance on. Key items can be found by completing very basic quests or battles on the map
  • Teleport Nodes - These nodes will take you to a new sub-area within the game. Example: you will be able to go into the Old Capital City from the world map node to clear it from the impending undead wrath
  • Dungeon Crawl Nodes - Last but certainly not least will be the dungeon crawl, or survival nodes. These will let the player fight continuously to see how long they last against an increasingly difficult horde of enemies. There will be a global/friend leaderboard and prizes attached to these nodes

New Enemies

There will be over 50 new mobs (basic enemy units, not quite as powerful as heroes) with over 50 unique abilities added to this system to keep the battles fresh and interesting!
Check out the Queen Harpy... she likes to hang out near the entrance to the Maze of Marshes, and she is one mean chick!


?: Will this cost Energy and what are the gold rewards?
A: Energy will be used to travel along the map and the gold rewards haven't been finalized yet. The new campaign will cost energy so we can award gold on losses as well as on wins.
?: Will there still be different difficulties?
A: No. The further you venture into the world map, the more difficult the battles will become.
?: I already beat the current campaign, so what happens when this new system rolls in?
A: Since it is a new system and will replace the old, all players will be starting from the beginning here.
?: When is this update coming?
A: We're hoping to get it out before the x-mas break, but we're not making any promises yet as we want this to be top notch before we release it.

Follow the discussion on the forum here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/1764

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