v0.8.8.2 is live!

v0.8.8.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 2:20 EST on 11/5/12

Arena Tutorial & Locking

- Arenas and guilds are now locked for new players until they have sufficient cards to actually build a deck for those areas. (30 for Arenas, 40 for Guilds)
- We have added a tutorial for newer players that shows them how to properly access and join an arena once they are able to do so, as well as the benefits of doing so.

Card Tweaks

Fireball - A change to the targeting. Its flexibility of targeting an empty middle slot to kill top and bottom slot was just too strong for its mana cost
"Deals 3 ~ damage to the creature in target slot and each its adjacent slots target creature and deal 1 ~ damage to its adjacent creatures"


- Fixed the chat scroll issue. You can now scroll up properly and not get your scroll bar reset when a player sends a message. Admin messages will still force this.
- Shadow's Charge Strike is now fixed.

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