v0.9.1.3 is Live!

v0.9.1.3 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 2:00PM EST on 12/06/12

Guild Rewards

- Increased battle win gold from 25 to 75
- Added battle loss gold of 25
- War win Bonus amount reduced by about half
- This increases the overall earn rate and closes the gap between winners and losers so you have more incentive to fight your war

Rotating Arena

Rule Set Changes
- Minimalistic uses a strict rarity ruleset now including: max 4 rares, 1 epic
- Vanilla now uses limited rarity ruleset: max 8 rares, 2 epics, 1 legendary
We will be revamping the payout structure to something that rewards more based on how much you play and how well you do, but in the mean time we bumped the gold rewards to:
  • 11th - 25th = 5000 gold
  • 26th - 50th = 2500 Gold
  • 51st - top 50% = 1500 Gold


- Rise collection status now shown in profile
- Fixed the tie out of sync error in live play matches
- Fixed password reset for .com users
- Fixed price label visual alignment on buttons

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