Patch v0.9.1 is Live!

v0.9.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 11:00am EST on 11/27/12

Guild War Update

  • Every member will be able to fight maximum 20 fights per war
  • Every war fight win will earn you gold immediately
  • The top 5 BEST win counts on both sides will determine the guilds total score in the war
  • The guild with the highest score total (out of 100, since its the top 5 * max 20 fights) will determine the victorious guild
  • The winning guild will still earn a war bonus
To clarify more on the top 5 best win counts:

Each side will have up to 15 members doing 20 fights each. Only the best 5 records will count towards the guilds score out of 100. This is so that a 5 person guild with super hardcore players can have a shot against the 15 person guild WHILE still allowing the 15 person more casual members to take their battles and try to contribute to the team's success. No longer will there be any fear of 'hurting' your guilds score, you can only help!

Rotating Arena

- Switched to 50 hour rotation cycle
- The current arena had to end early to accommodate this

Pack Screen

To prep for the Rise launch we have updated the pack screen to allow navigation through the expansion packs easier.
- Bronze pack is no longer available
- Silver pack now has a 10% chance for a Rare
- We split off the gold and gem rare pack into 2 separate packs so the gem version can offer essence and stones. (Nothing else to the core gold pack was changed)


Dravkas - Based on recent stats of top players, Dravkas has the lowest win rate (by far) @ a whopping 35% so we're giving him a small nudge to help his speed.
Master Artificer
- triggers on [4,3,2] Mana cost. Was [5,4,3]
- now costs [4,5,5] charges. Was [4,5,6]


- Fixed an unused star display bug on main screen

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