Coming October 2015

Gods Reborn will be the sixth booster expansion for Kingdoms CCG and the third for Ganz Studios. This new set contains 96 all new cards, with even distribution across the six Kingdoms.

The battle between Elara and T'rror's demon army was so massive, so destructive, that it has awakened forces from beyond the borders of the Euna we know. New races have landed on the shores of Euna and have aligned with the six Kingdoms, bringing new powers and strategies to the war-torn battlefield. With them has come a Harbringer, whose prophecies have given rise to an Old God, and foretell the birth of a New God who will change Euna forever.

What will you find in Gods Reborn? How about:

  • A 2 mana card that can banish Elara
  • The first Legendary Spell
  • The most requested Rune Word ever
  • An Elemental Kingdom Dragon
  • Tribal cards for Beasts and Vampires
  • A 12/12 creature
  • Cats, Snakes and a Unicorn
  • A 0-mana discard spell
  • "Immune from Gear"
  • much, much more!

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  1. Guys, thanks for making my dream come true. FINALLY AN ELEMENTAL DRAGON.