Patch v0.9.5.3 is Live!

v0.9.5.3 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 6pm on 6/26/13

Tribes of Euna Live Release

- Tribes of Euna will now be available for pack purchases in the store!
- Eve premium, 3x and 10x packs have been adjusted to 10, 29, 89 Gems respectively, or 5000 Gold for a premium pack
- Rise premium, 3x and 10x packs have been adjusted to 15, 45, 135 Gems respectively, or 7500 Gold for a premium pack

Guild Adjustments

- War scoring has been modified to count only the top 10 players for each side @ 100% points. 11-15 players will not count towards the overall points in the war, however they will still qualify for a gem bonus if the guild finishes high enough


- Tribes premium packs will now be given as prizes for credit tournaments
- Tournament schedule has been updated to contain Tribes Drafts


- Command Creature now properly applies bonus attack before dealing damage
- Spring Herald will no longer occasionally resurrect itself
- Fixed an issue with buying Precious Ring for honor
- Skirmish chat stays open until one of the players either accepts/declines
- Ladder battle complete screen now shows the correct rating for the ladder you fought in
- Fixed guild war participant labels from moving all over the place
- Fixed a display issue with the point difference in current wars
- Fixed a bug with guild battles crashing

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