Patch v0.9.5.2 is Live!

v0.9.5.2 Dev Notes

Card Trade In Program

We are accepting the following trade ins:
- Ancients' Will (if bought in starter pack can be traded for another CORE Epic of your choice)
- Divine Ascension
- Any TRIBES Legendary of which the user has two or more, the duplicates can be traded for a another TRIBES Epic, Rare or Uncommon of your choice.
Trade Deadline:
- June 26th, 23:59 Server time.
Full trade in details can be found here: http://forums.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/643

Card Changed

-Spirit Scepter is now a 'Weapon'
-Elemental Totem is now a 'Relic'
-Fae Armor is now an 'Armor'
-Glue Gun is now a 'Weapon'
-Blunderbuss is now a 'Weapon
-Glass Armor is now an 'Armor'
-Atomic Smasher is now a 'Weapon'
-Reckless Cannonballer now properly states that it deals physical damage

A.I. Improvements

-A.I. Olfaan will now prefer enemy targets with Stun Shot
-No longer uses Deplete on it's own skills


- We are flushing out the Beginner Arena because it still has the data from the previous time the Beginner Arena was active
- AI fights for Limited and Standard exchange a quarter amount of the rating as a liveplay match
- The leaderboards will only show people who have been active in the last 2 weeks


- Fixed an issue with scroll bars causing a crash
- Precious Ring is now properly removed from the promo store (still available in the guild store)
- Tribes collection stats now in profile
- Recent tournaments now shows the full name of the tournament and not just the type i.e. "Tribes Sealed" vs Sealed. The finished label also shows how many players participated
- Fixed a crash bug with streaming of cards and tooltips
- Guild component now properly shows the overall ranking when its used outside of the league leaderboards
- Misc guild UI polish/crash fixes
- Recent Wars now properly show the amount of battles (no longer goes over 255)
- Main menu shows how many war battles a player has left
- Fixed a crash when you try to replay a Beginner Arena Battle
- Fixed a bug with Command Creature, wasn't dealing the proper amount of damage
- Fixed a display bug where it shows you earned 0 honor in a previous war

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