Patch v0.9.5.4 is Live!

v0.9.5.4 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:15 EST on 7/2/13

More Payment Options

- We have added the SuperRewards payment platform which will allow for many more non-paypal payment methods, including: Bank, Cash, Phone and Offers
- Gem purchase page has been moved to a popup
- SuperRewards payment option is displayed at the bottom of the Gem purchase popup

Guild Adjustments

- Tie breakers have been adjusted to on a season and war level to work as follows: Check Season Points (for season standing), Check Battle Wins (for inside a war, or a season if season points are tied), Check Battle Wins/Attempts (higher ratio will win), Check individual war scores (for inside a war, if the previous two things are still tied it will then iterate through each guild to see the individual players who has the most wins from the top down, first one with the higher comparison will win), THEN if all these are still tied, we'll go by seniority.

Dynamic Market Single Prices

Tier 1 (Latest, currently TRIBES, when available **Timeline TBD**):
Legendary - Max: 999, Min: 299
Epic - Max: 199, Min: 25 (first 3 weeks in market Min is 85)
Rare - Max: 129, Min: 20 (First 3 weeks in marker min is 45)
Uncommon - Max: 89, Min: 5 (first 3 weeks in market min is 25)
Common - Max: 29, Min: 2
Tier 2 (Expansions, Currently Eve and Rise):
Legendary - Max: 999, Min: 299
Epic - Max: 129, Min: 25
Rare - Max: 89, Min: 10
Uncommon - Max: 69, Min: 5
Common - Max: 19, Min: 2
Tier 3 (Core):
Legendary - Max: 999,000, Min: 299,000 Gold, (999 and 299 gems)
Epic - Max: 99,000, Min: 25,000 Gold (99 and 25 Gems)
Rare - Max: 69,000 Min: 10,000 Gold (69 and 10 Gems)
Uncommon - Max: 49,000, Min: 5,000 Gold (49 and 5 Gems)
Common - Max: 9,000, Min: 2,000 Gold (9 and 2 Gems)


- Guild defense popup only occurs once every hour now, or when you refresh so you don't get spammed with it
- Mechanize can now properly give buffs to creatures controlled by opposing player
- Dreadful return now properly returns the top card of your discard pile
- Holy day now properly takes and away max and current health of dark alliance creatures
- Reinforce now works
- There is now an option to match against AI after 30 seconds, instead of forcing the battle

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