Patch v0. is Live! Fixes incoming!

v0. Dev Notes

Currently in development

Easter Bundle

I'm sure many of you found our 'Easter Egg' left in the game since Friday but for those who missed it, here is your preview for the upcoming Spring Bundle! For those who want the full scoop, this post is for you as well!
When can I get this?
The bundle will be available starting on server reset March 25th going on through April 8th!
How much will it cost me?
The Spring Bundle will follow the same price structure as the Holiday Bundle from back in December.
You can pick up all four cards with Limited Edition etching PLUS 50 Gems for $10 or 100 Kreds! Or, If you picked up some Gems from our sale over the weekend you can grab the bundle for 119 Gems!
If you are only interested in individual cards, singles for Gold or Gems will be rotating through our featured section while the bundle is available!
What are the cards?
See below for full card spoilers!

Join us in welcoming spring after such a long winter with our fantastic Spring Bundle!

First Gem Purchase Bonus During Sale

If you made your first purchase during the gem sale and didn't receive your 25% bonus, please contact support@kingdomsccg.com and we'll get it sorted. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Arena Quests

Arena quests were reworked to support a players choice in playstyle instead of forcing it. Reward and gold earn curve was adjusted slightly with this as well. Any quests that required players to change their decks were removed. The quests locked behind rating now offer extra bonus gold just for winning in that arena.


- Fixed a bug where player stats/progress wasnt being saved after a world map battle
- Fixed an issue with registration
- Added cancel buttons on the arena leaderboard and rules sections
- Potential fix for the hero alignment issue in battle
- Fixed an issue with sending/receiving essence gifts on facebook
- Purifying Light now only removes 1 status effect instead of all as intended
- Rage Invoker's effect no longer works when he's a corpse
- Fairy Ward now targets the selected team appropriately
- Tinker now triggers death effect properly
- Delay now prevents haste on Furious Revival
- "On attack" triggers now happen before the card slide out animation

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