Patch v0.9.3 is Live!

v0.9.3 Dev Notes

Pushed at 6:30 on 3/11/13

Hero Balances

In this patch all heroes were affected. The goal was to remove the tiers and the associated power gap between Heroes to create a much more versatile and interesting meta game and battle experience. With this change, there will no longer be a restriction on where you can use certain Heroes. All Heroes have been thoroughly playtested on beta and the results have been amazing. That said, we are human and follow up adjustments may be needed after wider play exposure.
Amorya: 14/2
Riposte (3) - Deal 1 damage to a random enemy creature or enemy Hero
Combat Training (4) - Target ally creature gets +1 attack. If its your only ally creature, it also gets +1 hp
Glaive Shot (5) - Deal 2 damage to target enemy creature and 1 damage to its Hero
Wilrius: 15/2
Calm (3) - Target creature becomes Weak 1 (its attack power is reduced by 1)
Enlightenment (4) - Wilrius gains HP equal to the number of creatures in play
Penitence (5) - Fully heal target ally creature, then that creature deals damage to its opposing creature equal to its HP
Petrice: 15/2
Sprinkle Dust (3) - Target creature gains Dust and Petrice gains 1 Mana
Swipe (4) - Target ally creature steals 1 attack from its opposing creature. If that creature's attack is 0, steal a random ability instead
Fairy Coating (5) - Ally creatures get +1 hp and gain Resist
Amarus: 15/2
Twisted Bond (3) - Target creature and Amarus both lose 1 HP
Raise Dead (4) - Destroy target corpse and summon a 2/2 Zombie Token in a random ally slot
Unholy Warcry (5) - Target creature gets +2 attack and its opposing creature gets -1 HP
Crutomist: 15/2
Entangle (3) - Target creature loses Flying and becomes Immobile (it can't be moved)
Wild Fire (4) - Deal 1 magic damage to each creature without Flying and to the enemy Hero
Burning Memories (5) - Target Hero removes the top 3 cards of their discard pile and deal damage equal to the cards removed this way to a random enemy target
Olfaan: 15/2
Stun Shot (3) - Target creature loses a random ability and is dealt 0 to 1 damage
Loot Corpse (4) - Destroy target enemy corpse and draw a card. Olfaan gains 1 HP or 1 Mana or 1 random Charge
Scatter Shot (6) - Deal 1 to 2 damage to each enemy creature and enemy Hero
Alisten: 15/2
Flight (3) - Target creature gains Flying
Dragon's Calling (4) - Until end of turn, creature cards with Mana cost 5 or more cost 2 less Mana to play
Summon Whelp (5) - Summon a 2/2 Dragon Whelp with Flying in target empty ally Slot

Belnir: 16/2
Exalt (3) - Target creature gets +1 HP and loses a random negative status effect
Sanctified Burial (4) - Remove target ally corpse and each adjacent creature gets +1 attack
Divine Blessing (6) - Ally creatures get +1 HP, and gain Armor and Regen
Uunys: 14/3
Corpse Feast (4) - Destroy target corpse. Uunys gains 1 HP and 1 Mana
Frost Spike (5) - Deals 2 magic damage to target creature and 1 to each of its adjacent and opposing creatures
Consume Soul (6) - Destroy target ally creature. Uunys gains HP equal to its HP and Mana equal to its Attack
Wiloryn : 14/3
Dispell (3) - Target enemy creature loses all positive status effects and a random ability
Reward (5) - Return target card with Mana cost 4 or less to its controller’s hand and they gain 1 Mana
Inspire (6) - Put the top card of target Hero's discard pile into your hand. Wiloryn gains 3 Mana
Arcanos : 14/3
Blistershock (3) - Remove the top card of your discard pile, then deal 1 magic damage to target creature or Hero
Ice Blast (4) - Enemy Hero loses 2 Mana
Solar Flare (7) - Target Hero draws 2 cards, gains 3 Mana and is dealt 2 magic damage
Grovenhold : 16/2
Crush Mortal (4) - Destroy target creature with Mana cost 3 or less
War March (5) - Target creature attacks, if able
Battle Cry (6) - Target creature gets +2 HP and gains Splash and Overrun
Ravinova : 16/2
Prototype (3) - Put a copy of target card with Mana cost 3 or less in your hand
Transpose (4) - Target Hero ability loses 2 charges and Ravinova gains 1 Mana for each charge lost this way
Liquify (5) - Target creature becomes Poisoned 2 or destroy target gear
Shadow: 15/2
Charge Strike (2) - Target Hero ability loses 1 Charge
Swift Strike (3) - Target creature becomes Poisoned
Shadow Strike (4) - Enemy Hero discards a random card. If they have no cards in hand, deal 2 damage to them instead

Akatril : 16/2
Justice Strike (4) - Deals 2 piercing damage to target creature. If it's a Token, deals 5 damage instead
Divine Fury (5) - Target creature gets +1 attack and gains Flying
Angelic Summon (6) - Destroy target corpse and summon a 3/3 Angel Token with Flying in a random ally slot
Abaddon : 16/2
Necrotic Infusion (4) - Target creature gets +1 attack and gains Reassemble
Drain Life (5) - Target creature loses up to 3 HP and Abaddon gains 1 HP for each HP lost this way
Soul Conversion (6) - Steal target enemy corpse with Mana cost 6 or less that has an empty opposing slot and resurrect it. It becomes Undead
Noran: 14/3
Mind Burst (4) - Draw a card. The next card you play this turn costs 1 less Mana
Blink (5) - Banish target card with Mana cost 5 or less, then return it to play in its original form
Polymorph (7) - The creature in target slot becomes Polymorphed 2
Jorma: 14/3
Invoke Fury (3) - Target creature gets +1 attack
Undertow (4) - Target creature loses Resist, is dealt 2 magic damage and becomes Immobile
Furious Revival (5) - Destroy target ally corpse. Summon the next creature from your deck with a lesser Mana cost in its slot. It gains Haste
Bahamut : 18/1
Imposing Roar (4) - Enemy Hero loses 2 random charges and is dealt 1 damage for each charge lost this way
Obliterate (6) - Destroy target card with Mana cost 5 or less
Dragon Form (7) - Target creature gets +2 +2 and gains Flying and Intimidate
Dravkas: 16/2
Tinker (3) - Destroy target ally non Token card. Summon from your deck the next card of the same type with 1 Mana cost greater in its slot
Augment (5) - Target creature gets +1 attack, gains a random ability and becomes a Construct
Manufacture (7) - Put a copy of target card with Mana cost 6 or less under your control. If its a creature, it becomes a Construct

Hero Tiers

As speculated, there will be no more Hero Tiers. This is to increase the playability of your Heroes and increase variety in the arenas, guilds and upcoming tournaments.

Hero Ability Upgrades

Hero Abilities will no longer be upgradable in the next patch, instead each Hero will have 3 abilities immediately. We decided to go this route to ease the new player ramp by not requiring them to grind the hero in order to get it playable in a competitive arena. In addition it helps make the balancing process much smoother.

Hero Stars

The Hero Star system was revamped to be treated more as an achievement system per hero. Each Hero will now have 10 'Triumphs'. Triumph goals can range from Playing certain cards, Killing certain creatures to using specific abilities in specific ways. Upon completion of a Triumph you will earn gold or gems. This was done to make it a more enjoyable system and less grindy overall.

Rotating Heroes

Each player will have access to 2 'Free' heroes that rotate on an offset 48h basis. It will alternate between Light Alliance and Dark Alliance with Unaligned Heroes appearing sporadically. Players will be able to use these Heroes as if they owned them. When a Hero rotates out, if you do not own them, any decks that used them will switch back to Amorya (this is to prevent any deck invalidation due to the Kingdom rule)

Hero Prices

All heroes (with the exception of the the seven heroes earned in the campaign) have a new price
- 150,000 Gold
- 69 Gems

Hero Trade In

The Hero Trade In program will no longer be available after this update.

Arena Revamp

The arena got completely overhauled with a number of positive changes for the game including removal of energy, addition of quests and a brand spanking new Skirmish mode. Details outlined below.
No More Energy
Arenas will no longer require energy to battle in. This was primarily done so you, the player, doesn't have to choose where they would like to spend their energy (Arena vs Campaign). You can now simply do both and battle in the arena as much as you'd like! Due to this there will no longer be gold on victory/defeats but that's where the quests come in.
Every 18 hours each player will receive a number of quests to complete in the arenas. We currently have 5 quests slots to start with plus 2 bonus quest slots. Each quest will yield reward as you work on completing it. Upon completion you will earn a bonus reward! Quest rewards and difficulty will also scale based on your rating. So if you want more challenging, higher rewarding quests be sure to maintain a higher rating in the Limited and Standard arenas. Rewards and values for completing quests will likely be tuned in the following patches.
Beginner Arena
The beginner arena will be removed from the arena system. With the new Survival nodes in the campaign we feel this is redundant.
Match Making
We are modifying the way how a live play match gets made. Instead of counting down then going to an AI opponent, it will instead count up and after a certain amount of time (~30s) you will have the option to fight an AI opponent immediately. We are still reviewing how to make the best possible live play match.
*NEW*Skirmish Lobby
One of the most exciting new features yet! The skirmish lobby is a section under the arenas where players can go and fight ANY specific player they want with whatever ruleset they want! Want to fight just your friends in a singleton or pauper ruleset? No problem! Players will be able to create a game with varying conditions on who can fight them and what kind of deck rules are enforced. There is even a snazzy new rematch option for after the battle to keep you in the heat of the fight!


Survival Nodes
- Base gold amount on all Survival Nodes has been raised to 100 Gold from 75.
- Gold increase at each checkpoint has been lowered to 3 gold from 5.
T1 Survival
- Added a checkpoint at level 65. Gold rewards past level 65 has been slightly increased
- Now uses the Limited deck restrictions
- Renamed "Limited Survival challenge"
Holy Survival
- Added a checkpoint at level 80. Gold reward past level 80 has been slightly increased
Mystical Survival
- Added a checkpoint at level 80. Gold reward past level 80 has been slightly increased
T2 Survival
- Added a checkpoint at level 60. Gold reward past level 60 has been slightly increased
- Now uses Standard restrictions
- Renamed "Standard Survival Challenge"
Campaign Misc
- A few late campaign battles have had their energy cost slightly reduced
- Gold per win in the campaign has been slightly increased.
- First time win bonus (gold explosion from the node) now scales a bit better at higher energy cost nodes.
- Slight tweaks were done to all Nemesis fights

Card Tweaks

Tenacious Demon
- upon resurrection he now gains Dust

Deck Editor

In anticipation of tournaments and the new skirmish feature we decided to do a small update to the deck editor to facilitate deck editing with greater ease.
- We added a ruleset button which will filter deck/cards for: limited, standard, singleton, pauper (and more as we create them)
- We added back in the stats for how many creatures, spells, gear and rune words you have in your deck
- Switch hero button was moved to beside the heroes name

Deck Selector/Slots

The deck selector got a bit of a tune up.
- It will now display the rule set when choosing your deck
- You can purchase new deck slots right from this popup
- We added up to 20 total deck slots now!

Energy Upgrades

- Energy Upgrades have been moved to the out of energy popup and has been removed from the store
- Additional max energy upgrades have been added
- To access this click the energy button in the header of the game


- Swap now triggers on enter effects
- Fixed a few inconsistent card text descriptions with "get" and "has". For the record, get means its a buff, has/have is a state based effect.
- Fixed Beastmaster buff bug
- Goblin Assembly now triggers on enter effects
- Ghostly Empowerment can now only target ally creatures as intended
- Overkill from damage caused by and to creatures and heroes now displays.

VIP Bonus

As with most of our larger updates we will be doing the VIP Gem bonus again which will grant bonus gems to all players who have helped support the game through real money purchase. The amount of gems granted will scale based on how much you've supported the game!
Thanks again to all our players, and a special thanks to our supporters :)


  1. the changes to arcanos make no sense while belnir remains way op.

  2. Just want to share my feeling of frustration when I get online after some absence and things I expect to be able to do don't work anymore and I have to read and work and do stuff to get it back. Maybe with your next big change you could consider leaving stuff to your old users that they already accomplished. It doesn't matter so much to your new users if your old users have "unfairly" achieved things in older systems as it annoys your older users to always begin at pretty much zero.