Patch v0.9.3.3 is Live and... GEM SALE WEEKEND!

v0.9.3.3 Dev Notes

Pushed at 6pm on 3/22/13


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Login/Register Changes

- Login screen had a revamp
- Names will be autogenerated for new players and are capped at 16 characters
- Players will be able to change their name from their profile. First change is free, afterwards it costs gems
- Players now register after the tutorial
- Players will now have the option of skipping the tutorial after the first battle


- Some quests have had the amount needed for completion increased. This was done to increase the length of time players spend in the arena so more battles would be fought overall. The first quest (play X battles) was not touched.
- Some of the more difficult quests in slot 5 were moved to slot 6 and 7 to increase variety.
- Some quests have had their gold reward slightly reduced (completion amount has not changed)


- Number of repeat fights on many nodes has been reduced
- Due to these changes if you are currently on a node and have more fights logged than the current new amount (ex. 5/4) you will have to win it one more time to progress. Any node that has already been unlocked will stay unlocked.

Battle Refactor

We spent a lot of time reviewing and refactoring the entire battle logic to make sure it is flowing through the phases/triggers as intended. If we did our job well, you shouldn't notice any difference other than some minor bug fixes.

Card Text

We underwent a full pass on all card text for clarity and consistency to ensure ease of use for all players. A few rules when reading card text:
  • Triggers - These are denoted with a trigger condition followed by a colon (:). They require this condition to be met before the following card description statement will be occur. These will happen everytime the trigger condition is met
  • Conditional Effects - These usually dictate an effect happening, then have a semi-colon (;) with a follow up effect. They require the first effect to be successful before the following. Example: Destroys target gear; Then that gear's hero gains 2 mana. That would require the gear to actually be destroyed in order for the hero to gain mana.
  • If Conditions - These are similar to the conditional effects except they do not have a preceding effect. If conditions have a comma (,) at the end of the condition check, followed by the actual effect
  • Gets vs Has - If a card says gets, it implies a permanent effect or buff. If a card says has/have, it implies its a state based effect and is only granted while the card dictating that is in play.
  • Each vs All - A distinction has been made for team and all effects. Each will refer to a team only, all will affect everything of that type. Example: Deals 2 damage to each enemy creature vs Deals 2 damage to all creatures
  • Operator Rules (and, or, plus) - Certain cards that have multiple outcomes are now clearly defined with their wording. Any or conditions will have a proper 'or' between each outcome. If it does both, it will have 'and'. If it adds values it will have 'plus'
  • Random - Unless a card specifically says target, random is implied. Example: Deals 2 damage to an enemy creature vs Deals 2 damage to target enemy creature. Statement one is random, two is targeted. The only condition where random will still be mentioned is when referring to an all situation, and is left for clarity.
  • Sourcing - Source should now be clear on the card. Most often the action will end in an 's'. Example: Deals would refer to the card itself being the source of damage vs Target creature deals ... denotes the target creature being the source. **Known bug with some cards not properly defining the source. Will be fixed in follow up patches**
  • Capitalization - We cleaned up a lot of the capitalization. Capitals will now be used at the start of sentences and on names of creatures, subtypes, abilities, status effects etc. No longer are they on the action or key words
With these clarity changes there's bound to be a few we missed on the code side that will need updating, mainly the conditional effects. Please report them on the forum.


- Timer to fight AI increased to 60 seconds in arena. This is to encourage more live play battles
- Smite can now target ally creatures properly
- Immortal now working properly again
- Dravkas' Manufacture now properly sets the copied creature as a Construct Token
- A promotional section was added under the store. This will be used to redeem 12 digit codes for special promotions
- Hero Triumph completed slide out now shows the reward
- Arena quests 'Win X battles using [hero]" now require you to have that hero
- Hero abilities are now visible under the deck editor. You can see the tab under their name to pull down the list
- Market now has a separate button in the store
- Fixed an issue with campaign hero unlocks and rotating heroes

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  1. I just did my 1st purchase of gems cause of the -25% sale this weekend. The offer also said that with 1st purchase i would receive +25% gems. I bought the 500 + 50 gem pack and got only 550, no 125 bonus for 1st purchase.

    Why didn't it work? And if it was not active anymore why the sign was yelling with huge letters +25% with 1st buy?

    My nick in the game is M4st4h