v0.8.5 is live!

v0.8.5 Dev Notes

Pushed at 5:30pm EST on 10/5/12

Battle Mechanics

Decking Out
When a player can no longer draw a card due to no cards left in their deck, - they immediately lose. This is known as Decking out. There will be cards that allow players to "Mill" other players. Mill will be a new keyword that puts the top X cards from a players deck into their discard pile. We added this as an additional strategy type to allow for multiple win conditions. *This is not enabled in campaign story mode*
Discard Pile
Now when players play a spell, discard a card (not banish), get a gear destroyed or have a creature corpse removed, it will get added to their discard pile which is visible to the right side of your hand. This can also be used to see what cards were just played by the opponent. Interactions with this will be coming in a future set.
Copy Creatures
Copy creature spells/abilities now copy the creatures current form - meaning if it has new abilities/status effects or taken damage, those will all be copied as well. Cards affected by this are: Phantom Image and Doppelganger


- Reworked beginner mode targeting to be a little more intuitive
- Discard Pile was added to battle. You can click on it to view either players list. Mousing over will display the full card.
- Entering chat now shows how many friends you have online

Load Times

This is big enough to warrant its own header. We managed to reduce the overall game size by more than 1/3, subsequently decreasing load times by that much!

Card Tweaks

Flight of the Pegasus
- Mana cost reduced to 4 (was 5)
Blunderbuss - available for trade-in
On your turn: destroys a random gear and deals 1 ` damage to its controller. If no other gear is in play, destroy this gear.
Note: This nerf was done as this was too effective to completely neutralize a core strategy in the game. 1 card should not be able to do this.
- Mana cost reduced to 3 (was 4)
Fervor - available for trade-in
Ally creatures get +1 attack and gain Haste until end of your turn
Fae Trickster
Now has 2 attack
Realm Crusher
Now has Giant as a subtype as well
Now lasts 5 half turns
Now lasts 5 half turns
Realm Sworn Bard
Other ally creatures get +1 ATK and +1 HP


- Players who bought the old Hero Bundle are now able to buy the Dragon Bundle without having to purchase the Bard Bundle
- Refactored a bunch of the targeting code - proper targets should highlight appropriately now
- Battle victory/defeat screens how show the player component of who you battled so you can easily find their profile
- Fixed the energy arena bug

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