New Holiday Bundle! v0.8.8 is live!

v0.8.8 Dev Notes

Expected release: 10/26/12 @ 2:30 EST

Spooky Bundle

A limited time Halloween bundle is available for $10 or 100 Kreds. It contains 4 Exclusive cards PLUS 50 Gems. There is no limit to how many you can buy.
Starting October 26th, the Halloween bundle is our seasonal treat for the players of Kingdoms. Containing four limited edition cards and 50 gems this is one bundle you don't want to miss! These cards are only available until November 5th and then they will be locked away with only those who jumped on the chance able to get these sweet treats!

Deck Editor

Deck editor got a revamp to be a little more user friendly. Also better illustrates arena rules when building/modifying a deck.

Pack Adjustments

There were a few pack adjustments to improve the experience.
The Eve gold pack was removed and 2 new packs are now offered.
Eve Basic
Costs 5000 gold and contains 6 cards with commons/uncommons and 25% chance for a rare or better (2% for epic), which on average is 50k cheaper than it was. We chose to do this to allow players an easier access point to Eve cards rather than having to save up 15k.
Eve Premium
Costs 39 gems and contains 6 cards with 3 commons, 2 uncommons, 1 rare w/ 10% chance for an epic
Kingdom Packs
Epic chances changed to 1 in 10 (from 1 in 8) to match the Premium packs.


We have finally added a tutorial that should better explain the battle system and key areas of the game to newer players.


- Overrun bug fixed where it called the 'attack' trigger twice.
- Promo card #'s have been hidden since they get shifted around too much with new cards coming out
- AI now chooses to defend a little more wisely

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