Todays Update

Battle Tweaks

- All battles now cost 3 energy instead of 5! and there was much rejoicing
- Multiplayer battles now reward 150 for a victory and 75 for defeat!

Store Tweaks

- Epic packs can now be purchased for 25k Gold
- Tier 3 heroes can now be purchased for 100k Gold

- There is now a nifty invite button in the bottom left to make it nice and easy for you guys to invite your friends! We'll wait here while you do that :)
UI Tweaks
- Remove the small blue button from the player row in the ladder page to go to their profile; now to view someones profile simply click on their player icon!
- Disabled hero abilities are now much more distinct from active ones
- More hero ability icons have been added

Everyone also got a full energy refill!

And just a reminder to please rate the game if you haven't yet.. the higher the rating, the more exposure we get and the more cool stuff we can add! and be sure to join our Facebook page for chances to win Free gems - http://www.facebook.com/KingdomsCCG

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