Kingdoms Update

Today's update included:

 - Starter Bundle is now available in the store that contains an exclusive card! (It's under Bundles & More!)
 - Campaign battles replays now yield reward, but cost energy. Unbeaten campaign battles still require no energy
 - Difficulty unlocking has been adjusted so that you must beat the entire campaign on a mode to unlock the next (Beat story to unlock hard on battle 1, etc)
 - Gems are now rewarded for completing the campaign mode entirely (for the first time). Any players who already beat it will unfortunately have to beat it again to get their gems.
 - Quick Battle now yields a reward as well, similar to the ladders

 - Descriptions have been updated on all cards to include what type of damage is dealt. A sword indicates physical damage, and a spell indicates magic damage
 - New Epic Card "Realm Sworn Bard" was added for the Starter Bundle. It's a 4 mana cost 1/2 Non-aligned creature with Regen that buffs adjacent allies Attack and HP by 1

Bug Fixes:
 - Profile images can now be selected properly
 - Golemnify now shows a proper token image
 - Fixed a semi-rare error that occurred on battle complete
 - Fixed a loading error
 - Added more logging to track bugs easier

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