Monday Dev Update

We survived our first weekend of being live, yay! To celebrate, we're fixing some bugs we found :)

To highlight a few of our plans for this week:
- Add replay rewards for campaign battles (this will unfortunately require energy to avoid abuse)
- Add a daily treasure chest that can yield awesome rewards (gems, gold, cards etc)
- Adjust how the campaign difficulty will be unlocked (you will need to beat the entire mode to unlock the next difficulty)
- Tier 1 heroes will include the appropriate starter deck that should help you on your campaigns (existing players who bought it will be given the starting deck on the next update)
- Lots of bug fixes :)

This update is scheduled to happen this week.

And a warning/reminder to our hacking friends: Any player who is caught hampering with an account to abuse the game will result in either a reset of account or permanent ban.

That's it for now guys, thanks for playing!

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