Early Preview of our New Set

As mentioned back in June, our next set will be a 13 card fixed-pack set, with 3 Epics, 6 Rares and 4 Uncommons.

The cards are now being painted, but as we're received and approved the early sketches, we thought you might like to get an early look at the art you'll be seeing across the table.

But before we preview the amazing art, here are a few teasers for the card effects (and no we're not saying if any of the art below are for these cards):

  • A main deck playable anti-life gain card that you might even build around.
  • A card with the text "Your hero does not take damage."
  • A one mana spell that can put huge creatures into play and ISN'T broken
  • A fixed version of one of the most controversial cards in Kingdoms CCG history
  • A creature that might just break the Dragons tribe wide open
  • A mana spell that is uniquely Holy
  • A card that has been requested many times
And with that... here is the art:

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