Release Notes: November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to our American players!

Today's release includes the following changes, fixes and updates:

1) New Age Sealed events are now running in the free event slot of Tournaments. New Age packs include cards from Light Ascending, Descent into Darkness and Gods Reborn.

2) There is a new Christmas card in the Holiday section: Santy Claws! This jolly beast will give a "Gift" spell to each player based on their Alliance (no gift for Unaligned - Bah Humbug!). When you play the gift spell, you'll receive a good card from your Alliance. All of the cards you can get will have an impact - no cards you can't use! NOTE: All players who play on Christmas day will receive one copy of Santy Claws for FREE!

3) The Xmas Bundle will be available for purchase on Dec. 1, 2015 and will run until Jan. 1, 2016. As with our Halloween Bundle, this $10 pack includes 4 holiday cards and 50 Gems.

4) AI Improvement: The AI is now able to target creatures with spells and abilities that can target a hero or creature.

5) AI Improvement: The AI will now play creatures with On Enter effects that target an opposing creature (like Sylph Assassin) much more intelligently.

6) The Grovenhold bug has been fixed. War March can no longer target creatures that had conditional Haste, but lost it.

7) Creatures that have haste removed on the turn that they came into play through Empower or Augmentation Blast now properly show that they cannot attack.

8) Shimmermail Armor has been fixed. It wasn't preventing Magic damage when only 1 point was done. Now it does, and yes, they do stack. So if you have 3 in play, you will prevent 3 points of Magic damage per trigger.

9) Stiff Drink can now properly target enemy creatures.

Have fun!

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