A Look At Arena Season 3

Arena Season 3 is now in the books and its time to look at how we're doing from a balancing perspective.

Limited right now is a surprisingly good state. For the first time that I can remember, there is no hero that appears in 20% of games (looking at the top 100 players). The most used Limited Hero is Bahamut who appears in 19% of battles, and has a positive win ratio, but a ratio that is no higher than Akatril who appears in just 7% of battles.

The top 5 heroes in Limited by usage are: (remember % will total 200%, not 100%):

Bahamut: 19%
Arcanos: 18%
Abaddon: 16%
Amarus: 15%
Jorma: 15%
(Ichor and Devroth are next, both with 14%)

Overall I'm very happy with Limited right now.

Standard, on the other hand, has really come down to three decks:

Thania Raise the Guard/Paragon
Dravkas Raise the Guard/Paragon/Firestorm Shaman
Arcanos Burn/Control

These three decks appear in 90% of battles:

Dravkas 32%
Thania 30%
Arcanos 28%

As well, the Raise the Guard combo - Manacycle Wizard, Fae Paragon and Raise the Guard - take up three spots in the top 10 cards played in Standard (2, 3, and 6 respectively).

Raise the Guard was one of the first cards on the Watch List and we are now looking at how to get it under control. Both Fae Paragon and Firestorm Shaman (which itself has been a concern for two years) are also being looked at. We will be announcing what changes, if any, will be made next week and encourage players to discuss these cards in the forums.

Please note that if Raise the Guard is changed, we will be offering a trade in period.

We're not only reviewing the over achieving cards, but also looking at many of the "bottom of the barrel" rares to see if we can give them a little boost. Sure, most still won't make a large impact on competitive play, but if we can make them more fun to allow for niche play, it will be worth it. A thread on this topic can be found here.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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