Patch *v1.0.3* is Live!

*v1.0.3* Dev Notes

Pushed @ 12:00 on 12/23/13

Tribes Two Mini Bundles Live!

The first of our Tribes Two bundles, Holy is now live and ready to rock! It will be available for one week.
Enjoy a preview of the Holy bundle!

Major Tournament Update

The free tournaments will now reward one credit per Round win and One bonus tickets to the tournament winner.
Tournament credits are now sold for Gems or Gold instead of real money. Prices will be:
- 10 Credits for 50 Gems or 35,000 Gold
- 20 Credits for 100 Gems
- 50 Credits for 240 Gems
- 100 Credits for 460 Gems
- 200 Credits for 900 Gems
We have increased the frequency of the FREE tournaments to one every 30 minutes and also added some new mixed sealed and draft pools for the paid tournaments.


- Updated: Initial starter decks and initial reward cards for new players
- Updated: Latest translations for all languages
- Updated: Header Deck Editor Button
- Updated: Tournament rating now exchange on match complete instead of battle complete.
- Added: Time remaining for guilds without wars.
- Added: A timer that shows newly created guilds how long until new wars are initiated.
- Added: Prompt on main screen showing when next tournament starts
- Added: Special case for AI and defending against Untouchable
- Added: New abilities in the deck editor
- Added: New abilities/status effects for Tribes 2 Booster set
- Fixed: When you close the VIP levels popup, it goes back to the gem purchase popup
- Fixed: General Amar's summoned creatures on enter effects now triggers.
- Fixed: Closing the VIP popup now goes back to Gem purchase screen.
- Fixed: Issue with gears self destroying and causing other gears not to get triggered
- Fixed: Double text on tournament rewards popup.
- Fixed: 1009 error when you crash during a draft card selection and log back into the game.
- Fixed: A bug in tutorial and deck editor during tutorial
- Fixed: Undying acolyte being destroyed and not buffing adjacent creatures
- Fixed: Creatures entering on start turn phase and not losing summoning sickness
- Fixed: Eggs and buffs not working
- Fixed: Dream conjuror and destroyed adjacent ally creatures leaving corpses
- Fixed: Stormborn combatant, while it was dead the effect was still working
- Fixed: Polymorph and demigods cards not updating visually
- Fixed: Error 2025 with tooltips
- Fixed: Issues with cards that brought creatures into play
- Fixed: Issues with Beckoning and Precious Ring
- Fixed: Dynamic price algorithm, store prices where going to low and to high on expansion sets.
- Fixed: Multiple issues with drawing from your discard pile and placing those cards into your hand
- Fixed: Issues with drawing cards in general and the extra cards not going into the discard pile
- Fixed: Misc server fixes
- Fixed: Wars not being assigned in bronze league
- Fixed: a few misc 1009 Errors
- Fixed: Magnum opus of storm ignoring light creatures
- Fixed: Libracider wording changed to 'Whenever this creature deals attack damage: Enemy hero Mills 3'
- Fixed: Horde engine wording changed to 'Whenever an ally Undead creature dies: Draw the next 'Zombie' creature from your deck'

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