Guild War Fix!

Hi all,

We just fixed the tier issue for all guilds and put guilds back in their proper tiers according to end of the last full season.  We also last night rewarded all those that missed their Gem rewards from the last full season.

There are some know issues with what we did:

1) The guild leader board tier icons will be wrong until the end of this season since that is stored in another piece of data and is hard to change.

2) The guild tier in the guild profile popup will be wrong as well (same reason as above) but will be updated at the end of this season.

3) Your guilds will have the same wars as before the restart to fix the tiers, and will switch to wars with guilds in your tier at the next round (in 10h from this post) start.

4) The aggregate points in each league may be incorrect, but we had to count the current points total for each guild independent on where those points where gained during this season.

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