ANNOUNCING: Tribes Two mini bundles


The tribes of Euna have been searching far and wide for new recruits to their ranks. For the next 7 weeks (Starting December 23), each monday there will be a new mini Tribes Two bundle available, containing 4 exclusive cards containing 3 Rares and 1 Epic. In addition to the cards, we introduced 7 new abilities and status effects. Enjoy a preview card from each Kingdom and the upcoming abilities.

Card Preview

"I heard tales of a nightmaric beast that can be conjured from the unknown - If only I can harness its powers." - Nomad

New Abilities

We added 6 new abilities and 1 new status effect to round out each Kingdom's arsenal of mechanics.
Puresoul - This creature cannot gain negative status effects
Burn X - (Ranked) Whenever this creature is dealt physical damage by another creature it deals X magic damage to that creature
Invoked X - This creature deals magic damage instead of physical damage
Manacycle X - (Ranked) When this creature dies your hero gains X mana
Recycle X - (Ranked) When this creature dies your hero gains 0 to X charges
Allegiant - When an ally creature of the same kingdom as this creature enters play, this creature get's +1 ATK
Status Effect
Immolate X - (Ranked) On your turn: This creature deals X damage to its hero

Pricing and Availability

Each bundle will be available for 1 week starting Monday, December 23 and ending Sunday, Feb 10. At this point that is the only planned release for these cards.
Like the Holiday Bundles, each bundle will be available for either 100 Gems, or $10. The $10 will contain Limited Edition etching and include 50 bonus gems! We thank you for your support. In addition to the bundles, a random single will be available each hour for Gems or Gold.

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