Patch v0.9.6.2 is Live!

v0.9.6.2 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 3:15 EST on 7/25/13


- Wars extended to 36 hours (from 24)
- Base Gold earn per battle win increased to 125 (was 75)
- Base Gold earn per battle loss increased to 40 (was 25)
Tie Breaker code bug fixed and updated. Should work as follows now and be updated at the end of each round:
1. Number of war wins (aka season points)
2. Number of Total Battle wins by Guild in season (higher wins)
3. Battle win %, aka a guilds total battle wins / total attempts (higher % wins)
4. Guild seniority
1. Total Number of battle wins by the top 10 players
2. Individual battle wins by top 10 in order (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 etc)
3. Total battle wins by all guild members
4. Battle win %, aka a guilds total battle wins / total attempts (higher % wins)
5.Guild seniority
Bronze League Matching:
- Guilds with activity (minimum 1 battle fought) during the previous/current season will be matched against other active guilds.
- Inactive guilds (no battles fought during last season) will be matched with other Inactive guilds. If an inactive guild fights at minimum one battle during the current season they will be moved up into the active guilds matching pool.


- Chat has undergone a bit of a redesign to accommodate certain websites better. Message typing is now at the top, as is the latest message
- Fixed hero asset sizes

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