Hotfix Today - Bug fixes and Card Tweaks

Quite a few bug fixes going live today as well as the return of the Bronze Arena

- Back by popular demand is the "Bronze" arena

Card Tweaks
- Magic Ward now acts like the Wooden Shield - it absorbs 2 Magic damage then gets destroyed (reason for this was: ability to neutralize a direct damage magic deck was too powerful as a 1 cost common)
- Shatter now destroys an enemy gear card at random and costs 2 mana
- Mage's Ring now can grant mana on playing any card instead of any Spell, to compensate it now costs 2 mana

Bug Fixes
- Hose Down and Undead Curse now effectively work on ANY creature, not just the enemy creature
- Streamwind Assassin now deals physical damage as intended
- Arrow Volley now deals physical damage as intended
- Shrivel now deals physical damage as intended and removes Flying
- Fixed wording on Fae's Charm to match what it does: Requires opposing battle slot to be open
- Elemental Bequest works as intended
- Ability Shift no longer crashes when there's no opposing creature
- Captivating doll will no longer steal attack while shes a corpse
- Maelstrom Priestess should only reduce your mana costs
- Power Cast no only works on the next creature
- Clicking the rune word will no longer end turn
- Poverty no longer lasts forever

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