New Core: Full Card List

And here it is! We had been hoping to tell you that "we're live" at the same time, but issues with the iOS build have delayed our release. We will keep you posted with when the release will be.

In the meantime, the list you are all waiting to see. Introducing the full 229 cards that make up the new Core. We will be running numerous Sealed (now 6 packs) and Draft (now 4 packs) tournaments for both Core and New Age when the release it out.

At the end of the list we will show you FIVE additional card buffs included in this release.

Holy Ancient Mystical
Master Tutor Eternal Dragon Pegasus
Blessed Champion Skybreaker Giant Dryad of the Mist
Seraphim Guardian Echo Blast Fae Trickster
Divine Expulsion Ancient's Will Mass Polymorph
Cladded Cavalier Priestess of War Dryad of the Watch
Captain of the Guard Ground Shatterer Mana Sprite
Slayer of the Damned Titan General Fae Protector
King's Herald Vengeful Titan Chronomancer
Call to Arms Command Creature Illusionist
Arrow Volley Titan's Might Deep Thought
Raise the Banner Crush the Meek Essence Shift
Divine Wrath Horde of Wyrms Reclaim
Exalted Enforcements Firespout Dragon Fae's Charm
Holy Knight Ancient Priestess Nimble Fae
Armorsmith Steel Crusher Fairy Mage
Squad Commander Steel Titan Dream Conjuror
Hexlifter Cleric War Mammoth Forest Scout
Virtuous Light Relinquish Spirit Soul Dryad
Allegiant Warrior Oust Spiritual Gathering
Cease Fire Frightwing Drake Dwindle
Pacify Smother Rebound
Angel's Feather Temple Stone Time Bolt
Blessed Peacock Dragon Worshipper Hauntless Ghost
Village Guard Wood Chopper Round Harvest
Field Recruiter Whelp Diviner
Weathered Knight Dragon Knowledge Seeker
Devote Abettor Fissure Wyrm Spirit Drifter
Militia Training Mountain Giant Roaming Spirit
Holy Bolt Shrivel Clear Thought
Cleanse Titan's Stomp Wonder
Holy Armor Smack Disarm
Soldier's Kit Brawl Spirit Sceptre

Undead Alchemy Elemental
Soul Grinder Gnomish Infiltrator Rolling Fires
Undead Doomsayer Scrapheap of War Maelstrom Champion
Dark Spectre Gob Hog Blazer Maelstrom
Soul Drain Goblin Cannon Lava Blade
Hell Hound Perpetual Machine Shuttershock Elf
Spiteful Demon Toxic Immobilizer Sylph Assassin
Undying Acolyte Anti-Air Cannon Firestorm Shaman
Grave Chanter Dwarven Battle Rig Rage Invoker
Looming Dread Explosives Expert Thunder Cat
Woeful Misery Study Gear Channel
Wicked Blasphemor Mechanize Fireball
Unholy Rampage Master Forger Lightning Blitz
Cursed Reanimation Hose Down Flamespire Dagger
Plague Beetle Charge Orb Air Elemental
Swift Ghoul Splosive Gnome Elvish Shanker
Undead Knight Big Game Hunter Warpath Elf
Reeking Fleshbag Demolition Golem Shaman of the Earth
Gravedigger Pub Crawler Lightning Elemental
Demonic Thoughts Dirty Fuel Disintegrate
Whispering Geist Smelt Flashfires
Soulless Crown Golemnify Return to the Elements
Spiked Bludgeon Keg of Ale Elemental  Totem
Rotted Remains Gnomish Brute Bolt Blaze
Zombie Thug Bomb Strapper Invoked Elf
Warrior Remnants Inefficient Contraption Elvish Battler
Flesh Seeker Learning Construct Fireshot Archer
Graverobber Dwarven Sot Hellion
Fester Vermin Mana Flask Burning Desire
Baleful Mist Charge Potion Puncture Blast
Dark Missile Pillage Lightning Bolt
Dark Apparition Spilled vial Enraged Elf
Cursed Arsenal Dwarven Battle Stein Elvish Armaments

Unaligned Legendaries
Epic Battle Axe Diryam
Omni Cloak Army of the Abyss
Recoil Caindra
Atomic Smasher Rak Mul
Rares Vulgrath's Staff of Repression
Charge Thief
Raging Vines
Giant Slime
Hero Ring
Living Sword
Sanity Tapper
Dire Wolf
Scrapper Troll
Steel Beak
Hired Shield
Concealed Dagger
Essence Mantle
Mage's Mantle
Black Bear
Puzzle Mage
Mindpierce Ranger
Rabid Wolf
Short Staff
Iron Shield
Long Sword
Wandering Giant

Over the last few sets we have been working to make gear removal more efficient. This mana buff makes Return to Elements more in line with our current costing, taking out two random gear for just 1 more mana than removing a gear of your choice.

We knew we needed a rare Dragon to appear in Core as dragons are a key element of the Ancient Kingdom. Firespout is more exciting that Deathless, but the 3/3 stat line made it less than impressive in the modern environment. We've improved this by giving Firespout an extra point of health.

With our push for more creature interaction Recoil might be an odd choice, but the fact that it can be played both offensively and defensively in creature battles, and its role wasn't solely to fuel oppressive combo decks, Recoil was the clear choice. That said, it needed a boost, so its mana cost was reduced from 3 to 2.

A minor, but important change. Rotfeeder has been given Corpsecraft. First off, it just makes sense (he's eating the dead in his picture) and second, by playing him on a corpse he immediately puts another creature into his discard pile getting you closer to that magic number 10.

And last but not least, we've dropped the base cost of BoaNG to 2. We recognized that our previous nerf went too far, but knew that having a scaling cost was still the way to go. That one mana can make a big difference. Paying 9 mana for a 7/7 with 7 abilities is really good. And you might now... you know... want to play with some Scroll Makers in your Birth deck.

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