Special Announcement for Yahoo Players

Yahoo Games has announced that on May 13, 2016 it will be closing down.

Since launching Kingdoms CCG on Yahoo Games in early 2015, we have had thousands of Yahoo players try the game and we want you to know that we are not going to let the closing of Yahoo Games prevent you from enjoying your accounts.

Early next week we will be updating the Yahoo client. When you log into the game from Yahoo you will be asked to provide an email address and password. These will be applied to your existing account - all of your progress, cards and decks are yours to keep.

When complete you will be redirected to kingdomsccg.com, where you can continue to play. Note that this account can also be used on Steam and our Android and iOS apps.

We will post a follow up notice when the Yahoo changes have been made. At that time we ask that you clear your browser's cache to ensure that you get the updated version of the game.

Remember that you must convert your account over before May 13th. After that time, access to unconverted accounts will not be possible.


This feature will made available to Yahoo Games players only. Our agreements will other portals such as Kongregate or Facebook do not allow transferring accounts to dotcom.

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