Release Notes - December 15, 2015


NOTE: It appears that some of the code we've added preparing for the mobile release of Kingdoms has messed up chat. Currently you can't click a player's name to bring up their profile or reply to PMs. We are on this and will have a fix ASAP.

Interface Changes:

1) Enemy AI heroes now have a "thinking" icon. To make it clear what is happening on their turn.

2) The Deck Builder now displays Kingdom icons for your Hero and each kingdom in your deck.

Bug Fixes:

1) Thania's Step Through Time will now properly prevent charges being added when used multiple times in the same turn.

2) The ability "Support" can no longer stack. Stacking never affected the ability, but it did prevent you from getting other, more useful abilities when granted by a randomized source.

3) Queen of Dragons has her Indestructible back.

4) Big Frosted Giant now properly gives Slow to creatures that attack it. The Slow stays for the attackers next turn.

Card Changes:

1) Mystery Sack mana cost dropped from 4 to 3. Happy Holidays!

2) Opus of Gadgetry now awards 2 charges in each ability instead of 3.

Hero Changes:

For a full overview of the changes with reasoning, read the full article here.

1) ALL 15 Life/2 Mana heroes have been moved up to 16 life. Now the life/mana ratios have been balanced across all of the heroes.

2) Bothar's Wrecking Ball has been moved from 3 charges to 4.

3) Bothar's Crush You! now deals 3 damage to a creature instead of 4 and removes 2 charges from the enemy's third (aka Ultimate) ability only.

4) MEK's "Mechana War Banner" now reads "Ally creatures are +1 ATK and have Volatile. On your turn: If you control a 'Construct', draw a card.

5) Thania's Step Through Time has been moved from 7 charges to 8.

6) Noran's Polymorph has been moved from 7 charges to 6.

7) Nomad's Grand Theft has been moved from 7 charges to 6.

8) Olfaan's Stun Shot now always deals 1 damage.

9) Olfaan's Loot Corpse now always draws a card, gains 1 HP and 1 mana.

10) Olfaan's Scatter Shot now always deals 2 damage to each enemy creature and the enemy Hero.

Arena Prizing Change:

1) The Arena will now award Gods Reborn packs instead of Descent into Darkness.

2) The card prizes have been changed to Alt-Art Queen of Dragons (top players) and Alt-Art Swiftshot Ranger (participation). These prizes will be awarded in this season and the next.

Pack Changes:

1) Tournament Prize Packs, Training Ground Reward Packs and Gem Purchase Bonus Packs may now contain Gods Reborn cards along side the other expansions.


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  1. Might I ask why New York is excluded?

    1. New York state, like Florida and Quebec, has specific laws that requires contests to be officially registered in their state and have other restrictions. Due to these regulations, it is difficult to do small contests there.