Merry Christmas!

Just want to wish all of our Kingdoms CCG players a merry Christmas and a happy holidays!

Remember to play Kingdoms on Christmas Day to get your FREE copy of Santy Claws:

Here are the two cards this festive beast creates:

When you open (aka "cast") these gifts, a good card from your Alliance will be created in your hand. Every card is Rare or Epic and they all are useful in multiple situations regardless of deck, so no Backfires or Magnum Opus of Light. Yeah, it's random, but who doesn't like getting presents?

And if you missed the announcement on Facebook, Kingdoms CCG is available NOW on Android phones and tablets! The iPad version is in the hands of Apple, so we'll have it available as soon as Apple gives us the go-ahead.

Just a reminder that our mobile versions can only connect to accounts made on the device itself, dotcom, or Steam.

And if you haven't done so yet, definite check out the best Kingdoms CCG card viewer and deck builder out there. xankludan has done a killer job on this, and I've (finally) sent him the rendered cards from Gods Reborn so that it can be updated.

So again, have an amazing holiday, and we'll see you all in the new year!

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