Release Notes and our first Meta report

Today we released a small but significant update to the game to fix a number of issues that appeared in our last release. We take issues with the game seriously and aim to fix them as quickly as possible.

Updates and Fixes:

1) The lag issue should be fixed with this release. One of the changes made to allow for packs to be awarded at the end of the season and opened when you log in caused a number of issues, the worst of which was lag on prolonged play sessions. We believe that this has been fixed, but do continue to let us know if you're having issues in the forums.

2) The Dynamic Card Cache error was caused by the  issue above and should be fixed as well.

3) The Turret  tokens created  by Deploy Cannons are now properly labelled tokens and will not go to the discard pile when destroyed.

4) The Demon Tokens created by T'rror, Cleric tokens created and Guide of the Way, Zombies from Endless Evil and Child of Euna token are all properly labelled Tokens and can no longer be Swapped.

5) The Arena no longer shows hours left, unless there is less than 48 hours to go. Seeing 300+ hours just looked messy.

6) We have fixed the display of the Beginner's Arena's ladder. It had been showing prizes, which the Beginner Arena will not be awarding as it isn't a Live PVP ladder. Please note that we are currently discussing replacing the Beginner's Arena with a new format that is more new player friendly.

7) We've relabelled the "Campaign" to the "Training Grounds" to make it more clear to new players that this is just the beginning of the game. We will be making additional changes to the Training Grounds over the next month.

8) Numerous little copy fixed and changes based on feedback from the community. Thanks!

Meta Report

If you are playing in the Arena - and you should be, look at those prizes - you will want to check out our first Meta Report over in the Forums. We will be updating these weekly, with the top 5 heroes and top 10 cards played in each ladder.

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