Arena Season 1 Follow Up

Arena Season 1 has come to a close and it was a rousing success. The number of Live PVP battles in the Arena over the 20 days that the season was live increased 385% over the amount of the previous 20 days.

A big congrats to Burp93 and cashavenger for winning the Limited and Standard ladders.

Unfortunately the end of the season was marred by a bug on our end that prevented the cards in the packs won from being added to their opener's account.

We have found this bug and fixed it, so we know that Season 2 prizes will be awarded properly. 

Sadly, the information of which cards were opened in each pack was lost. Additionally, the complexity of recreating the packs within the system for a fixed set of players has proven unwieldy. Therefore we will be instead awarding 20 Gems per pack that wasn't awarded. You can use these to grab yourself some new Descent packs, some more Light Ascending, or even that single you had your eyes on. As a thank you for your patience, we'll also be throwing in an additional 20 Gems to each player affected.

Note that only the gems for packs will be awarded. The original Gems, Promo cards and top 2 Multipacks were awarded properly by the system.

We will be awarding the gems on Monday, May 25, as part of our next release.

In this release we'll be making a number of balance changes, and most importantly, releasing a much improved Arcanos and Abaddon.

Here, for the first time, is an Arcanos that I'm sure you'll find very exciting to play:

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