Release 3.3 is live

Version 1.3.3 Release Notes

1) The way energy works in the campaign has changed. Battles nodes now got you zero energy until you have passed it for the first time, whether that takes one battle or 20. Energy is now only used as a balancer when grinding gold from passed battle nodes and for reward nodes like the chests, etc.

2) The Steam client has been improved to better handle different monitor resolutions. Widescreen monitors will now maximize their use of space and display chat at all times.

3) Creatures that destroy themselves (ex. Grizzle Beast) will no longer be prevented from doing so if they are Indestructible.

4) Elara will no longer be affected by the cards Flesh Seeker and Essence Shift and Amarus' Twisted Bond ability.

5) Effects and steal HP will no longer grant HP if the HP is not reduced on the target (example: Abbadon's Drain Life on Elara).

6) The volume of the sound effects and music has been refined in the game to provide a better audio mix. New sound effects and music will be coming soon!

Clarifying Elara's Ability:

Elara's rules text prevent her from losing HP from abilities and effects that say "Lose X HP" (including "Steal X HP"). It does not prevent abilities that permanently change her HP, such as the spell "Inner Fire" which reads "Target creature gets +1 ATK -1 HP".

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