v0.7.2 Patch Details

v0.7.2 Patch notes

Pushed @ 2:10 EST on 8/17/12


A game wide chat component has been added so now all players can communicate with each other!
To see a full list of chat commands type /help :)

Battle Mechanics

- Timid has changed to: This creature won't attack if it has an opposing creature
- A new status effect "Pacified" has been added. It prevents the creature from attacking

Card Tweaks

Target creature gains Timidbecomes Pacified
All eggs now have: This creature can't attack added.

Interface Changes

- Backgrounds in deck editor and hero page now change based on the kingdom of the Hero
- Battle backgrounds will pick a random one of the two Heroes
- Player profile got a revamp

Bug Fixes/Minors

- Vengeful Titan now deals Physical damage properly on the play effect
- Weakened is now known as Weak
- You can now search for cards via their subtype
- Fae Trickster no longer steals abilities while dead
- There was a bug with removing status effects that would automatically always remove any Slow counters + another effect. It now just removes 1 effect properly.
- Some more anti-cheat measures in place

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