Patch v0.7.4 is here!

v0.7.4 Patch notes

Currently in development. Scheduled for 8/30/12 Afternoon.


Unlocked by completing Chapter VI on Insane mode:
Tower of Gnomes


Player mailbox has been added. This will be used for guild interactions and friend requests, as well as tournament reward delivery later on.
Friend List:
There is now an ingame friend list. You can add players from their profiles and you'll see when they come online in chat.
Battle Chat:
There is now a battle chat tab that opens up when a live play match is made.
Guild Chat:
There is now a chat tab for guilds (for the forthcoming guild release)
Hero Trade:
You will now be able to trade in your purchased Heroes for a Hero of the same tier. When you trade, you will lose all hero star progress and stats on that hero.
Battle Interaction UI:
There are new Cast/Banish (formerly discard) buttons which should make it much clearer what your intention is and how to use certain actions. **NOTE:** for advanced players there is a new option now to enable the single clicking that was there before.
Live Play Time Extender:
In live pvp, when you play a card, discard a card, or use a hero ability it will extend your turn timer by 5 seconds (this number will likely be played with)


Beginner Arena:
Max hero tier in beginner arena is now T1 so newer players stand a better chance. We had to reset the arena in order to remove any invalid decks.

And much more!
Check the full patch notes here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/620

Happy Battling!

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