Season One Preview: Feel the Rage

For the title of "Best Two-Mana Creature" there is definitely a lot of competition. Top choices include amazing cards like Erratic Werewolf, Shrieker, Firesworn Elf and Raging Vines.

Who is the best?

In Season One: Pack One we are introducing a new creature that could very well take the top spot. A creature that can get even larger than Raging Vines without worrying about your discard pile.

Feral Rager is a simple 2/1 for 2 until you read his powerful text. Every time a creature dies - whether yours or your opponent's - Feral Rager's anger grows along with his stats. Drop him in an empty slot when you have a creature lined up to trade into an opposing creature and at the end of combat he'll be a 4/3. Attack into a smaller creature? It dies, Rager grows.

And this rage is red hot and uncontrollable. The Feral Rager has Invoked which lets his sword burn through Armor and shields, and he can't be Pacified. RAGE!

One of the decks we tested Feral Rager in is this aggro Arcanos build:

(click to see full size)

Here is how Feral Rager fared in one, not-so-uncommon game:

No pump spells. No tricks. Just kill, kill, kill and let the Ragers reap the benefits!


Season One; Pack One has been submitted to Apple! While we are waiting for their go ahead, watch our official Facebook page for additional previews. If all goes well we will be live next week!

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