Patch v0.9.7 is Live!

v0.9.7* Dev Notes

Hi All!

We've been super busy as of late preparing the iPad version as well as versions for other countries so we apologize for the lack of updates. That said we are thrilled to bring you patch v0.9.7 which includes a LOT of bug fixes, new music and sfx, a VIP system and more!

New Music and SFX

We have finally created new music and sound effects for the game, complete list to come.

VIP System

We have added a VIP system to reward players whom buy gems. First reward is a legendary card and you need to purchase a total of 100 Gems to receive him, and then there is various other unlocks as you spend more. This has been added as a thank you to all our supporters. It will only start counting after the next update.
General Amar - Whenever this creature deals damage to enemy hero: Summons a creature card from your hand into an empty ally slot. If no empty slots, enemy hero loses 2 ^ instead

New 10 Card packs

We have decided to update the packs to now contain 10 cards, this to match draft and sealed packs. So each pack (silver core is excluded) now contains 6 Commons, 3 Uncommon and 1 Guaranteed rare or better card.

New Pack pricing

With the change in Pack composition we also reviewed the cost structure and have decided to now go with the following three price tiers.
- Single: 10 gems or 5,000 Gold.
- 3 Pack: 25 gems
Older Sets (Currently Eve and Rise):
- Single 15 gems or 7,500 Gold
- 3 Pack: 39 gems
- 10 Pack: 109 Gems
Latest Set:
- Single: 25 gems
- 3 Pack: 69 gems
- 10 Pack: 199 gems


- Added: Now displays the Players and Opponents starting arena ranking in Battle
- Added: New card rarity section during tutorial
- Added: New card types section during tutorial
- Added: New pack details in store
- Fixed: The "Unknown reason" string for when you lose connection to server
- Fixed: A random 1009 due to crappy wireless
- Fixed: 1009 on the deck editor when show un-owned was disabled.
- Fixed: 1009 that sometimes occurs when completing an advanced tutorial.
- Fixed: 1009 when opening the advanced tutorials popup.
- Fixed: 1009 when switching between certain player icons.
- Fixed: Achievements text in the player profile doesn't update after changing localization.
- Fixed: Advanced casting mode of enlightenment during the Control Decks advanced tutorial.
- Fixed: Arena rating and rank show up as -1 the first time joining an arena.
- Fixed: Arena tutorial broke if the tutorial deck was used for Guild Wars or Skirmish.
- Fixed: Cards in the players hand weren't being updated properly when under the effects of mana reducing cards (like Wisdom).
- Fixed: Grovenhold Triumph #8 didn't work (war march).
- Fixed: Guild season round time remaining display fix.
- Fixed: Okay button on tournament info overlaps the description text on some localizations.
- Fixed: Opened pack misalignment issue should be fixed.
- Fixed: Out of energy popup localization issues.
- Fixed: Show a message when creating a guild and the name is less then 4 characters.
- Fixed: Sometimes the back button would stay disabled after tournaments end.
- Fixed: Using campaign challenges to make arena decks with less than 40 cards.
- Fixed: Whole bunch of missing mouse event sounds.
- Fixed: World map offset when completing the initial tutorial and advanced tutorials.
- Fixed: No longer have to refresh after changing player name
- Fixed: Few server crashes related to guild wars/season and tournaments

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