Patch v0.9.6.3 is Live!

v0.9.6.3 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5:15PM EST on August 6th, 2013

Progressive Login System

After much debate we decided to remove the previous progressive login system and introduce a new one. The previous system was too much of a double edged sword. People loved when it grew, but hated as soon as they lost it.
The new system is much friendlier and works as follows:
- players now just need to login X times during one month
- 10 times = 20 gems
- 20 times = A random Core Epic

Advanced Tutorials

We have added 7 advanced tutorials, these can be accessed on the world map. Each completed tutorial rewards a core premium pack.

Guild Honor Earn

We have increased the Honor earn for each guild tier as follows.
- Bronze: 2 Honor per win, 2 honor per defense
- Silver: 3 Honor per win, 2 honor per defense
- Gold: 3 Honor per win, 2 Honor per defense
- Epic: 3 Honor per win, 3 Honor per defense

Guild Tier Advancement bonus

We have added a bonus that gets paid to all members of a guild that advances to a higher tier at the end of the season. Payout is as follows.
Bronze to Silver: 1st: 20 Gems per player, 2nd: 15 Gems per player, 3rd: 10 Gems per player
Silver to Gold: 1st: 30 Gems per player, 2nd: 25 Gems per player, 3rd: 20 Gems per player
Gold to Epic: 1st: 40 Gems per player, 2nd: 35 Gems per player, 3rd: 30 Gems per player

Guild EPIC league Gem rewards

We are now rewarding each guild a pot of Gems in EPIC league at the end of season based on placement as follows:
- 1st: 800 Gems
- 2nd: 650 Gems
- 3rd: 500 Gems
- 4th: 400 Gems
- 5th: 350 Gems
- 6th: 300 Gems
- 7th: 250 Gems
- 8-10th: 200 Gems

Dynamic Market Single Prices

Tier 1 (Latest, currently TRIBES):
Legendary - Max: 599, Min: 299
Epic - Max: 199, Min: 25
Rare - Max: 129, Min: 15
Uncommon - Max: 89, Min: 5
Common - Max: 29, Min: 2


- Deck slot purchase price reduced to 10 gems from 25
- Fixed pricing bug when buying cards from Deck builder
- Tinker now properly puts a creatures corpse in the discard pile
- Creatures lose status effects and any added abilities upon death now
- Chat is now back to normal (latest at the bottom) for web versions of the game
- Hero Ability drop down from edit deck menu was enlarged to appear less crammed
- Woeful Misery - AI will now only target enemy creatures
- Vul'Grath's Staff Of Repression removes random charges now
- Properly track out of sync's per battle type, which is typically the sign of exploitation. Fair warning: Frequent amount of these in a tournament battle may result in a temporary ban or further action

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