v0.9.2.1 is Live!

v0.9.2.1 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 6pm on 2/1/13


- New battle and search node added before The Impasse
- New battle and challenge added in The Great Forest
- Nodes that had a 24 hour cooldown now have a 23 hour cooldown. This was changed to help players who play at the same time every day avoid a “run-away” cooldown timer as it would be pushed back slightly every day
-New card reward added before Crutomist Challenge
Mermaid Tyrant: Suppress ability text fixed. Now correctly reads “Enemy creatures cannot enter play with abilities”
Amorya Challenge:
- A.I. deck was tuned slightly
Amarus Challenge:
- Deck restrictions changed: 20-30 cards.
- Bonus condition changed: Win in 9 or more turns
- A.I. deck was tuned slightly
Holy Survival Challenge:
Now has a max of 4 legendaries
Pauper Challenge:
The Mad Man got a new deck and did some working out! Even if you beat this one already, it may be worth checking out again for a surprise!
(This challenge was made significantly harder)
Crutomist Challenge:
- A.I. deck tweaked
- A.I. starts with slightly less mana
Alisten Challenge>:
- Bonus condition changed

Boss Battles
West Monastery:
- A.I. Deck tuned slightly
The Burning Tree:
- Energy cost reduced to 5.
Old Capital City Boss
- A.I. Deck tweaked slightly
- A.I. starts with slightly less mana


Beginner Arena
- Now costs 1 energy (was 4)
- Win gold is 25 (was 100)
- Loss gold is 0 (was 50)


- Core collector achievement bug fixed
- Relentless Charge now displays +2 attack properly
- Rejuve Potion now gives Charges properly into random abilities instead of always the same one
- Channel's bonus Mana gain condition now triggers properly
- Minor campaign UI polish
- Longest Victory stat now recording properly
- Clicking on Chests on world map without energy crash fix
- Mana gain effect now plays when you play a spell and gain mana equal to what you started with
- Guild message box allows more text now

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