Card Tweaks

- Long Sword now costs 4 (was 5)
- Shadow Dagger now costs 5 (was 4)
- War Elelphant is now called the War Mammoth and is an Ancient
- Wild Hare is now Tiny Titan (Ancient) with Intimidate 1 that costs 2
- Greater Fire Elemental is now a 5/2 and costs 4  (was 3)
- Plenty is now an uncommon (was rare)
- Knowledge is now an uncommon (was rare)
- Arch Elementalists ability 3 changed to "Deal magic damage to each hero for the number of cards in their hand"
- Wonder is now an common (was uncommon)
- Relocate is now an uncommon (was a common)
- Pegasus is now a 3/2 (was a 3/3)
- Headless Horseman is now a 4/2 (was a 4/1)

- Maelstrom Champion (Elemental Epic Creature) has been added
- Wooden Shield (Common Gear) has been added
- Rune Tome (Uncommon Gear) has been added
- Hero Ring (Rare Gear) has been added
- Omni Cloak (Epic Gear) has been added
- Flight of the Pegasus (Mystical Rare Spell) has been added
- Slow (Mystical Uncommon Spell) has been added

- Mass Haste has been removed (Replaced with Slow)

- Soulless Crown has been removed (Replaced with Rune Imprinter)
- Spiritual Gathering has been removed (Replaced with Flight of the Pegasus)
- Grail of Life has been removed (Replaced with Hero Ring)
- Torch has been removed (Replaced with Wooden Shield)
- Element Converger has been removed  (Replaced with Omni Cloak)

- Pacing has been put in when the AI plays a card which should make it much clearer as to what card/ability was played

- There was a whole lot of renaming during this pass, too many to type :)

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